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Time for Change

Time for Change

Hello from Pennsylvania!

You might have noticed that our website looks completely different from the last time you shopped here. Well, that’s because it is!!! The original Black Dog Mods site was getting slow and outdated so we needed to make a complete overhaul starting with finding a new, secure, and reliable hosting provider and getting rid of the outdated site from the past.

It’s a lot of work getting things back in place, but I promise you it’s for the better! The new site is gonna feel so much faster, we also want to make sure it’s easier to navigate so you can easily find Jeep parts that fit your build and budget. I know a lot of our products are missing right now, but we are starting from scratch and making sure that each Jeep part we add is a good buy for our customers.

Not only are we redesigning our whole site, but we are planning on spending a lot more time adding new content and exploring fresh ideas to give you the absolute best buying experience possible! Which reminds me, this is our 1st blog post we are adding to the site because a lot of our blog posts from the past included outdated information and products. So, yes we could transfer those posts here and add some extra content, but I feel we can do BETTER! Expect to see new and interesting blog posts coming soon.

This site means the world to me and without all of you it would have failed miserably a long time ago. I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!! I hope you all have a fabulous day and please say hello on one of our social media profiles. I’d love to hear from you.

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