Rugged Ridge Black Diamond Plated JK Jeep Rear Corner Body Armor

  • Rugged Ridge Black Diamond Plated JK Jeep Rear Corner Body Armor

Rugged Ridge Black Diamond Plated JK Jeep Rear Corner Body Armor

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Product Description

Rugged Ridge Black Diamond Plated JK Jeep Rear Corner Body Armor

Add some style and protection to your Jeep Wrangler with the Rugged Ridge Black Diamond Plated Rear Corner Body Armor. The armor pieces come in pairs and constructed of a black diamond plate that is UV treated thermoplastic for a durable, tough looking choice of body armor. Attaches easily and quickly utilizing 3m Automotive grade double sided-tape that holds it in place securely. The Rugged Ridge Black Diamond Plated Rear Corner Body Armor is perfect for protecting your paint or covering up scratched or dented rear corners while adding a really sharp off-road look. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited owners that want to add more body armor we would recommend you take a look at the Rugged Ridge Black Diamond Plate Body Armor Kit which has 5 pieces of body armor to really enhance the look of your JK Unlimited. Color: Black Compatibility: Fits all 2 Door JK Jeep Wrangler Models from 2007-Present. Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty Includes:

  • 2 Rear Corner Body Armor Pieces
  • 3m Automotive grade doubled sided tape
  • Installation Instructions

About the Manufacturer: Rugged Ridge, a division of Omix-ADA, is an industry leader for replacement and restoration Jeep parts. With over 3,000 products designed and manufactured, this is a company who has had a passion for Jeeps ever since their formation in 1992. Offering everything from armor and engine parts to tops and lift kits, it would be hard for any Jeep enthusiast not to find anything they wouldn’t want on their rig. Specializing in all off-roading parts for the Wrangler world, they are also fully committed to making any part for your Jeep. Their armor is tougher than any rock you’ll find on the trails. Their tops follow OEM specifications making installation easier and faster. Their seat covers are guaranteed to make your ride a more comfortable experience despite the terrain. Rugged Ridge is the best example of a pure Jeep Wrangler parts company. Rugged Ridge didn’t become highly respected in Jeep community overnight. This is a company who perfected their parts, making them more useful but above all more durable. Rugged Ridge has set the industry standard by offering 5 year, 10 year, and lifetime warranties with all their parts. Making sure that their customers buy every part with confidence. Rugged Ridge firmly believes that Jeeps are much more than just a vehicle. They just want to make your multi-generational icon the best it can be.

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