Rugged Ridge XHD JK Jeep Wrangler Diesel Snorkel with Pre-Filter

Rugged Ridge XHD JK Jeep Wrangler Diesel Snorkel with Pre-Filter

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Rugged Ridge XHD JK Jeep Wrangler Diesel Snorkel with Pre-Filter

Following the design for 3.6 And 3.8 Liter gasoline powered JK wranglers; this XHD snorkel kit with pre-filter from rugged ridge includes the low mount, ram high mount, and clear pre-filter intake. The XHD modular snorkel is the first snorkel engineered with the versatility of interchangeable intake heights. By relocating the vulnerable stock air intake through an internal duct system just below the windshield, the XHD modular snorkel helps to eliminate dust-clogged air filters and the risk of hydro-locking your engine. Each snorkel is also engineered to function with a host of other rugged ridge products, including its windshield mount light bar, windshield auxiliary light mounting brackets, Sherpa roof rack, and the new Exo-Top system. Installation requires only minor modifications to the internal fender flange and avoids any cutting or drilling to the jeep’s exterior that other snorkel kits may require. Snorkel relocates vulnerable stock diesel 2.8l Air intake location to help reduce dust clogged filters and the risk of hydro-locking; High mount pre-filter intake adds an extra level of dust protection with the use of cyclonic pre-filter system Minimal modifications to vehicle are required for mounting; Vehicle can be returned to stock configuration if desired High mount pre-filter intake location allows for cooler, cleaner air to be delivered to intake system while allowing use of most aftermarket lower windshield light mounting tabs Xhd modular design allows for addition of other XHD snorkel components at a later date; Including high mount ram intake and high mount prefilter intake

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