Questions About New National ID Card CBS Miami

Questions About New National ID Card CBS Miami

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MIAMI (CBS4) It sounds a bit like grade school. Get a star on your Florida Driver License and you be allowed to board an airplane.

No star and you could be out of luck.

It all part of the new federal ID Act of 2005.

The ID Act was passed by the US Congress five years ago and now is in effect here in Florida.

The star concept was designed to combat terrorism in wake of 9 11 when those who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were able to get multiple driver licenses in multiple states despite the fact they weren citizens.

It a concept designed to beef up identity security and make sure government officials know exactly who you are by your id.

But as CBS4 I Team investigator Stephen Stock discovered, pennsylvania fake id,what really being beefed up are the profits of private companies in the Identity Management Industry who are benefiting from this huge new federal program.

Pembroke Pines resident Oscar Perez showed his frustration at a Florida DMV office when he went to renew his driver license.

Never, ever, ever, ever! said Perez when asked if he ever had to go through so many official hoops and protocols to get a new license.

Perez said he couldn ever remember being asked for an original, verifiable Social Security card in order to get a simple driver license.

Alex Hernandez of Miami had the same gripe.

the phone I was just told maybe a couple of bills, something with my name, my address (would be good enough to get a license), said Hernandez. was told) that should be it. id chief,Now apparently they want that plus the (original) Social (Security card) as well. an authentic Social Security card is just one of a list of new requirements for what become known as the new national ID program named ID.

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