YONGMING SUV Dog Barrier – Pet Mesh Front Seat Net


Adjustable and Easy to Install
Sturdy Material for Pet Safety
Unobstructed View for Dogs



The YONGMING SUV Dog Barrier is a must-have accessory for pet owners who want a safe and comfortable ride for both themselves and their furry companions. This car divider is designed for ease of use and pet-friendly features.

Adjustable and Easy to Install
With adjustable cords, installation is a breeze. Simply hold the two hooks, loop the net through, and create a removable knot. This barrier works in any vehicle, attaching around the head of the front seats and the bottom floor area. Sized at 45 inches by 24.5 inches, it fits most sedans, SUVs, cars, trucks, minivans, jeeps, and off-road vehicles.

Sturdy Material for Pet Safety
Your pet’s safety is a top priority. This barrier is designed to deter pets from jumping on top of it. It’s tall and sturdy, ensuring that your pet stays securely in the designated area, providing peace of mind during rides.

Unobstructed View for Dogs
The mesh design allows air to flow freely, keeping your dogs cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Importantly, it does not obstruct your dog’s view. Your pet can see you, feel secure, and experience less stress during rides. It’s an affordable and effective way to separate your dogs from the rest of the interior.

Easy to Assemble and Store
Assembly is a breeze, and it’s just as easy to take down. When not needed, it folds up small for convenient storage. No more worrying about your pet scratching your leather front seats; this barrier keeps them contained in the back.

Ensure a safe and comfortable journey for both you and your pets with the YONGMING SUV Dog Barrier. Click the “Learn More” button above for additional product details and to discover reviews from satisfied pet owners.

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