Yokohama GEOLANDAR MT G003 All-Season Radial Tire for Jeep Wrangler


Made in the United States for top-tier quality and performance.
Features 10-ply construction for enhanced durability and off-road performance.
Optimized for all-season versatility including mud, snow, and rocky terrains.



Made in the United States
The Yokohama GEOLANDAR MT G003 tire is proudly made in the United States, ensuring you of its quality and durability. The American engineering and manufacturing processes back up this tire’s high performance on and off the road.

10-Ply Construction
Designed for the off-road enthusiast, this tire features a 10-ply construction. This ensures increased strength, durability, and load-carrying capability, essential for tackling tough terrains and heavy-duty tasks.

All-Season Performance
This radial tire is designed to be an all-season performer. Whether you are driving on muddy trails or snowy roads, the GEOLANDAR MT G003 ensures optimal traction and stability in various conditions.

Model & Dimensions
The tire comes under the model number 33326 and has package dimensions of 34.7″ L x 12.9″ W x 34.7″ H. The comprehensive size options allow it to fit a variety of Jeep Wrangler models seamlessly.

Package Weight
The package weight is 71.6 pounds, indicating the heavy-duty nature of this tire. This weight is a testament to its robust construction and durability.

The Yokohama GEOLANDAR MT G003 All-Season Radial Tire is a reliable option for Jeep Wrangler owners looking to get the most out of their vehicle. The tire offers a good blend of on-road comfort and off-road capability, making it an excellent choice for a variety of driving conditions. For more information and customer reviews, click the ?Learn More? button above.

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