Jeep XD XD811 Wheel in Matte Black


Matte Black Finish for a premium look.
Unique dual bolt pattern design.
Perfect fit with a -12mm offset.



Elegant Matte Black Finish
For Jeep enthusiasts and off-road adventurers, nothing complements the rugged look of a Jeep better than a matte black wheel. The XD XD811 wheel comes in a Matte Black finish, often referred to as M-BLK W/ ACC, that offers both a sleek and aggressive appearance. Whether it’s city streets or off-road trails, these wheels are sure to turn heads.

Dual Bolt Pattern Design
One standout feature of the XD XD811 wheel is its dual bolt pattern. This design allows for compatibility with multiple vehicles and ensures a snug fit. With measurements of 5×5.0/135, it offers flexibility without compromising on stability or safety.

Perfect Fit and Stance
With a -12mm offset, the XD XD811 provides an ideal stance for many Jeep models, ensuring the wheel sits perfectly in relation to the vehicle’s fender. The 17X9 dimension gives a balanced proportion, making sure your Jeep looks as good as it performs.

Durable Construction
While aesthetics are vital, XD wheels are built for performance. You can be confident that while you’re getting a wheel that looks great, it’s also designed to handle the challenges that come with off-road adventures.

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