Borla WRAN JL/JLU ’18 3.6L V6 AT/MT 2+4WD Exhaust System

Enhances throttle response and boosts horsepower with efficient air intake
Complete replacement of OEM filter and air box with 100% new, quality parts
Utilizes top-quality stainless steel hardware for long-lasting durability


Maximum Efficiency for Peak Performance
Your Jeep deserves the best when it comes to performance, and the Borla WRAN JL/JLU ’18 3.6L V6 AT/MT 2+4WD Exhaust System delivers just that. This exhaust system is engineered to help your engine draw in colder air more efficiently, leading to improved throttle response and consistently higher horsepower output. Whether you’re off-roading or cruising down the highway, you?ll experience a noticeable difference in your Jeep’s performance.

Quality Parts Replacement
Say goodbye to your factory OEM filter and air box, and upgrade to 100% new quality parts. This exhaust system offers a complete package that easily replaces your original parts, ensuring your Jeep operates at its peak performance level.

Built to Last
Longevity is key when investing in your vehicle, and this product doesn?t disappoint. It uses only the best-quality stainless steel button head bolts, washers, locknuts, and band clamps. This guarantees not just an optimal fit but also a long-lasting setup that can withstand the challenges of off-road driving.

Dual Exhaust for Double the Power
The system features a WRAN Jeep JL 3.6L V6 Dual Exhaust, providing that much-needed extra oomph and a sound that will make heads turn. The dual exhaust system ensures that you’re getting the best performance possible out of your Jeep.

If you’re looking to take your Jeep’s performance to the next level, the Borla WRAN JL/JLU ’18 3.6L V6 AT/MT 2+4WD Exhaust System is the upgrade you’ve been searching for. Quality, durability, and improved performance are all packed into this incredible product. Don’t miss out?click the “Learn More” button for further details and to read reviews from other satisfied Jeep owners.

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