VViViD All-Weather Foldable Compact Non-Slip Tire Traction Grip Plank 2-Pack


Prevents tires from spinning on challenging terrains like snow, slush, ice, mud, or sand.
Durable polypropylene construction resistant to salt, corrosion, and extreme temperatures.
Compact hinged design for easy storage and adaptability on irregular terrains.



Stuck in the snow or mired in the mud? VViViD’s All-Weather Tire Traction Grip Plank comes to the rescue for off-road enthusiasts, Jeep lovers, and anyone in between. Ensure your vehicle remains mobile, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions.

Optimal Traction on Difficult Terrains
The raised tracks are engineered to prevent tires from spinning on challenging surfaces such as snow, slush, ice, mud, or sand. Whether you’re maneuvering an ATV or a hefty pick-up truck, these grip planks ensure you’re never left spinning your wheels.

Highly Durable Construction
Crafted from impact-resistant polypropylene plastic, these grip planks are built to last. Their resilience against salt and corrosion, combined with an ability to withstand temperatures as low as -22?F (-30?C), makes them an all-weather ally. Additionally, cleaning them is a breeze, ensuring they’re ready for your next adventure.

Compact and Versatile Design
The hinged design not only ensures that the planks are incredibly easy to store when not in use but also adapts seamlessly to uneven terrains. Each pack contains two planks, ensuring you’re adequately equipped for any roadside or off-road predicaments.

The VViViD All-Weather Tire Traction Grip Plank is an essential addition to your off-roading kit, ensuring safety and mobility in challenging conditions. To delve deeper into its benefits and read user experiences, don’t forget to click the ?Learn More? button above.

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