Volant Performance Cold Air Intake Kit Jeep Wrangler JL

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Boost your Jeep Wrangler JL’s performance with this cold air intake kit.
Engineered for durability and enhanced airflow.
Includes stainless steel marine-grade clamps and an enclosed air box for optimal results.



If you’re looking to maximize the performance of your 2018-2020 Jeep Gladiator Wrangler (JL), the Volant Performance Cold Air Intake Kit is the upgrade you’ve been searching for. Engineered for superior airflow and durability, this kit is custom-designed to provide your Jeep with the power it deserves.

Enhanced Airflow
Experience improved throttle response and increased horsepower with the Volant Cold Air Intake. Designed to optimize the air entering your engine, it ensures that your Jeep’s performance reaches new heights, making every off-road adventure even more exhilarating.

Rugged Durability
Built to withstand the toughest conditions, this cold air intake kit features stainless steel marine-grade clamps. These clamps are engineered to endure the high engine heat levels of off-road driving, ensuring that your intake system remains secure and reliable.

Customized Fit
Whether you drive a truck, car, or SUV, Volant has tailored this intake kit to fit your specific vehicle. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cold air intake is a perfect match for your Jeep Wrangler JL.

Enclosed Air Box
One of the standout features of this kit is the power-inducing enclosed air box. By keeping the air cool and shielded from the engine’s heat, it ensures that your engine breathes easier, resulting in optimal performance.

Upgrade your Jeep Wrangler JL with the Volant Performance Cold Air Intake Kit and unlock its full potential on and off the road.

For Jeep enthusiasts seeking improved performance, durability, and a customized fit, the Volant Performance Cold Air Intake Kit is the perfect solution. Click the “Learn More” button above to discover more about this product and read reviews from satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of enhanced airflow and increased horsepower.

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Brand: Volant Performance