Vision X Lighting Jeep Gladiator Reverse Light Kit


Bolt-on plug-n-play installation for effortless setup
No drilling required; mounts directly to factory rear bumper location
Significantly improves rear visibility and light output


Off-road enthusiasts, campers, and Jeep aficionados, listen up! The Vision X Lighting Reverse Light Kit for Jeep Gladiator is an absolute must-have if you’re looking to enhance your vehicle’s visibility. Easy to install and effective in function, this is a kit that you’ll wonder how you ever did without. Click the “Learn More” button to read customer reviews and get more information.

Easy Plug-n-Play Installation
Say goodbye to complicated setups. This reverse light kit offers a bolt-on plug-n-play installation. This means you can get your Jeep Gladiator geared up for any nighttime adventure in no time.

No-Drill Mounting
Ease and convenience are at the core of this kit. It doesn’t require any drilling and mounts directly to your Jeep Gladiator’s factory rear bumper location. This makes for an incredibly simple and clean installation process.

Increased Visibility and Light Output
Built with high-quality materials and designed to be durable, this reverse light kit isn’t just for show. It significantly increases your vehicle’s rear visibility and light output, making it a practical upgrade for safety and function.

Sturdy Construction
The brackets are constructed from powder-coated steel, ensuring durability and resistance to elements. This guarantees that your investment is long-lasting and robust.

Upgrading your Jeep Gladiator with the Vision X Lighting Reverse Light Kit is a smart choice for anyone keen on both aesthetics and practicality. With its easy installation and effectiveness in boosting your rear visibility, this kit is worth every penny. Click “Learn More” to find out more and to read what other Jeep enthusiasts have to say.

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Vision X Lighting


Vision X Lighting