Veckle Cargo Liner – SUV Cargo Cover with Side Flaps


Keep your SUV clean and protect it from pet scratches, dirt, and fur with the Veckle Cargo Liner.
Large size fits most standard vehicles; please check the size of your car.
Features widened non-slip net for added stability during rides.
Durable and water-resistant 600D Oxford cloth construction.
Versatile use as a car seat cover, pet seat cover, picnic mat, or luggage mat.



The Veckle Cargo Liner is designed to make traveling with your pet more convenient and worry-free. It offers superior protection for your SUV’s cargo area while ensuring your pet’s comfort during the journey.

Side Flaps Protection
This SUV cargo cover comes with side flaps that serve as a protective barrier, preventing pet scratches, dirt, and fur from reaching your vehicle’s interior. The extra side flaps can also function as a hammock protector, guarding the sides of your SUV.

Large Size
Measuring 53.2*92.9 inches, the SUV cargo cover is generously sized to fit most standard vehicles. However, please check the size of your car to ensure a proper fit.

Widened Non-Slip Net
To enhance stability during rides, the cargo liner features a widened non-slip net base measuring approximately 53.2*51.2 inches. This non-slip net provides increased friction, making it worry-free for quick turns and speed bumps.

Durable and Water-Resistant
Constructed from wear-resistant 600D Oxford cloth and equipped with a PVC water-resistant coating, this pet cargo rider is built to last. The enhanced stitching on the handle ensures durability and tear resistance. It effectively protects your car’s cargo area from dirt, spills, pet fur, and claws.

Versatile Use
The Veckle Cargo Liner offers versatile applications, serving as a car seat cover, pet seat cover mat, family picnic mat for travel, or even as a luggage mat for moving day. It’s a practical and versatile addition to your car accessories.

Upgrade your SUV’s cargo area protection and provide a comfortable space for your pet during rides with the Veckle Cargo Liner.

Enhance your travel experience with your pet and maintain the cleanliness of your SUV with the Veckle Cargo Liner. Click the “Learn More” button above to explore this product and ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for you and your furry friend.

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Brand: Veckle