Jeep Gladiator u-Box Legend Rear Inner Fender Liners


Gravel and muddy water fender for complete protection.
Minimizes airflow turbulence for vehicle stability.
Crafted from durable 16-gauge steel with an elegant black powder coat finish.



Unleash Your Gladiator’s True Potential with u-Box’s Legend Rear Inner Fender Liners!
Meet your Jeep Gladiator’s new best friend: the u-Box Legend Rear Inner Fender Liners. These liners promise not only top-tier protection but also a sleek aesthetic upgrade, making your Gladiator a true legend on the road!


Vital Protection: Say goodbye to off-road elements like mud, snow, sticks, and sand. These liners ensure your wheel well remains pristine and free from these intrusions.
Stable and Quiet Rides: The liners are designed to minimize airflow turbulence and noise due to wheel movement. This means smoother and quieter journeys, no matter where you drive.
Aesthetic Appeal: With the unique “LEGENDS NEVER DIE” design on an acrylic sheet, these liners are sure to grab attention.
Built to Last: Made from 16-gauge steel, these liners promise durability. Coupled with a black powder coat finish, they offer both strength and style. Plus, they weigh just about 13 lbs.
Hassle-Free Installation: Forget complicated setups. With the provided instruction manual and mounting hardware, you’ll have these liners set up in no time!
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