Jeep Gladiator Tuffy Security Compact Underseat Lockbox

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Compatible with OEM plastic underseat fence
Pry-Guard locking system with 1/8″ thick welded steel components
Exclusive 10 tumbler double-bitted lock with built-in weather seals


Secure your belongings with the Tuffy Security Compact Underseat Lockbox designed specifically for the Jeep Gladiator. This lockbox offers a combination of security and convenience for your valuable items.

Key Features:

Perfect Fit: Compatible with the OEM plastic underseat fence, ensuring a seamless and secure fit within your Jeep Gladiator.
Advanced Security: Features the Pry-Guard locking system with 1/8-inch thick welded steel components, making it a formidable barrier against theft.
Weather Protection: Equipped with an exclusive 10 tumbler double-bitted lock that includes built-in weather seals to keep your items safe from the elements.
Easy Installation: Enjoy a quick and straightforward installation process with no drilling required.
Rugged Construction: Built to last, this lockbox boasts welded steel construction with a durable texture powder coat finish, enhancing both strength and longevity.
Safeguard your valuable items with the Tuffy Security Compact Underseat Lockbox for the ’20-22 Jeep Gladiator. It’s the perfect addition for peace of mind on your adventures.

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Brand: Tuffy Security Products


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