Tire Cover Central Flippin Frog Spare Tire Cover


Custom-made spare tire cover tailored to your tire size
UV-resistant latex ink printing for durability and longevity
Marine-grade vinyl construction with a matte finish
Secure fit with a 90-pound rope (no elastic cords)
Free locking security grommets and heavy-duty zip tie included


Elevate your vehicle’s style and protection with the Tire Cover Central Flippin Frog Spare Tire Cover, a custom-made solution for your spare tire. Crafted with precision, this tire cover ensures a snug and secure fit for your specific tire size.

Custom Fit for Your Tire Size:
Each Flippin Frog spare tire cover is individually tailored to fit your unique tire size. While popular tire sizes are available in the drop-down menu, don’t worry if you don’t find your size listed there. Contact us with your specific tire dimensions because we offer covers for all tire sizes.

Quality Printing and Materials:
Our tire covers feature top-of-the-line UV-resistant latex ink printing that’s optimized for scratch resistance. Unlike airbrushed or painted covers, our printing process etches the image into the vinyl, ensuring it won’t flake off. The printed image has a subtle glossy finish and is securely sewn to marine-grade vinyl, providing a matte finish that covers the tire’s tread area.

Secure and Theft-Resistant Design:
We prioritize your tire cover’s security and fit. That’s why our covers are secured with a 90-pound rope that can be tightened as needed for a perfect fit. We avoid elastic cords that can stretch and allow air underneath, potentially causing your cover to blow off while driving. Additionally, every tire cover includes a set of locking security grommets and a heavy-duty locking zip tie to deter theft and ensure your cover stays in place.

One-Year Warranty:
When selecting a Tire Cover Central product, make sure it is sold and shipped by Tire Cover Central, located in Kentucky, USA. All our products are backed by a one-year warranty provided by the seller.

Upgrade your vehicle’s spare tire protection while adding a touch of personality with the Flippin Frog Spare Tire Cover from Tire Cover Central. Enjoy a perfect fit, UV-resistant printing, and enhanced security for your tire cover.

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