Jeep Gladiator Tidal Front Inner Fender Liners Sheet Metal Offroad


Engine protection against off-road hazards.
Ensures optimal power with improved airflow.
Durable high-strength steel with rust-free yellow finish.



Elevate Your Jeep Gladiator with Tidal’s Dynamic Inner Fender Liners!
Why settle for the ordinary when you can upgrade your Jeep with these heavy-duty, aesthetically pleasing fender liners by Tidal? Not only do they promise safety, but they also give your Gladiator a noticeable boost in style and functionality.


Engine Defense: With these liners, your Jeep Gladiator’s engine compartment is shielded from potential threats found off-road. These are perfect for those adventurous rides! (Note: Diesel model not compatible).
Optimized Airflow: Designed smartly, these liners ensure your engine is well-ventilated, allowing your Gladiator to reach its maximum power seamlessly.
Built to Last: Crafted using high-strength steel plates, these liners are the epitome of durability. The captivating yellow appearance is an added bonus, being rust-free and visually appealing. Plus, they weigh a sturdy 28 lbs.
Distinctive Design: The logo cutouts not only add to the rugged look but make the inner portion of your Gladiator more visible and striking.
Comprehensive Kit: Every package comes with 4PCS front inner fenders, all essential mounting hardware, and a user-friendly set of installation instructions.
A splash of vibrant yellow is sure to turn heads. Do note that there might be slight color variations due to different lighting conditions and monitor displays.

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