TeraFlex 2.5″ Performance Spacer Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU


Elevate your Jeep Wrangler JL or JLU with this 2.5″ performance spacer lift kit.
Perfect for 2-door JL Wranglers and 4-door JLU Wrangler Unlimited models.
Accommodates 35″ tires with 3″ front and 2.5″ rear bump stops.
Enjoy improved off-road capability and a sleeker look.



Upgrade your Jeep Wrangler JL or JLU’s off-road performance and aesthetics with the TeraFlex 2.5″ Performance Spacer Lift Kit. Designed to accommodate both 2-door JL Wranglers and 4-door JLU Wrangler Unlimited models, this lift kit provides the perfect balance of increased ground clearance and enhanced style.

Enhanced Ground Clearance: With a lift height of 2.5 inches, this kit allows you to conquer rough terrains and tackle off-road trails with confidence. Whether you’re exploring rocky paths or cruising through muddy trails, the extra clearance ensures your Jeep can handle it all.

Tire Accommodation: The TeraFlex lift kit is specially designed to accommodate larger tires. With this kit, you can fit up to 35″ tires, providing you with improved traction and an even more aggressive appearance. Pair it with 3″ front and 2.5″ rear bump stops for optimal performance.

Caster Correction: While not required, caster correction is recommended for the best results. It helps fine-tune your Jeep’s alignment, ensuring a smoother and more stable ride, especially during high-speed off-road adventures.

Upgrade your Jeep’s performance, style, and off-road capability with the TeraFlex 2.5″ Performance Spacer Lift Kit. Click “Learn More” to access additional product details and reviews from fellow off-road enthusiasts.

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TeraFlex manufactures components for the Jeep Wrangler including premium suspension systems and performance shocks, heavy-duty axles and low-range gearing, body armor, and more. With our roots dating back to the 1950s beginning as MEPCO (Military Equipment Parts Company), a distributor of Jeep parts and accessories, we have gained a vast knowledge of the various CJ/Wrangler platforms. In the fall of 1996, TeraFlex began manufacturing parts in-house to fulfill the need for heavy-duty off-road suspension pieces and equipment for the then-new TJ Wrangler. Our experience and knowledge has allowed us to create the unique and innovative parts and accessories that fill out our product line today ensuring TeraFlex’s dominant hold on the Jeep market.