Superlift Rear Adjustable Track Bar with Reflex Bushings


Patent Pending Reflex Bushings for longevity and reduced noise
Dual Forged Ends for static positioning and proper alignment
Heavy Wall Tubing and Forged Ends to prevent bar deflection



For those with a taste for off-road adventure, a penchant for camping, or simply a love for Jeep Wranglers, upgrading your Jeep?s suspension system is almost a rite of passage. Enter the Superlift Rear Adjustable Track Bar with Reflex Bushings. This product promises to elevate your Jeep’s performance while maintaining its rugged durability. Here?s why it?s a worthy addition to your vehicle.

Reflex Bushings
A unique selling point of this product is its innovative Reflex Bushings. These bushings are crafted to stand up to wear and tear, all while reducing vibration and harshness during your outdoor excursions. This feature ensures your vehicle’s rear axle remains aligned, improving both its performance and longevity.

Dual Forged Ends
Maintaining proper alignment is crucial, especially when off-roading. The Dual Forged Ends on this track bar make sure that your Jeep?s rear axle stays in line with the chassis, preventing unnecessary mechanical wear and keeping you moving smoothly on uneven terrain.

Heavy Wall Tubing and Forged Ends
Off-road enthusiasts know that structural integrity is key for any aftermarket part. The heavy wall tubing and forged ends of this track bar offer unparalleled stability, ensuring that bar deflection ? a common concern for Jeep owners ? becomes a non-issue.

When it comes to upgrading your Jeep?s suspension system, the Superlift Rear Adjustable Track Bar with Reflex Bushings is an investment that pays for itself in durability and performance. For a deeper dive into this product and to read reviews from satisfied Jeep owners like yourself, click the “Learn More” button above.

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