Jeep Gladiator SUPAREE Gladiator Cab Cover


Premium 420D Oxford cloth material
6 sturdy straps for wind resistance
All-weather protection against sun and rain



Elevate your Jeep Gladiator’s protection with the SUPAREE Gladiator Cab Cover. Crafted from premium 420D Oxford cloth with a black coating, this cover ensures durable and long-lasting defense against the elements. Its upgraded fabric can withstand 2kpa water pressure, keeping your Jeep dry even in heavy rain. The double-sealed seams provide an extra layer of protection, preventing water from seeping through.

Designed for heavy winds, this cab cover features 6 straps on both sides, ensuring it won’t be blown away like other covers. Simply pull the straps through your car’s chassis and tie them to the wheels or bed rail for a secure fit.

Whether you’re facing scorching sun or freezing rain, the SUPAREE Gladiator Cab Cover offers all-day protection. Specifically designed for the Jeep Gladiator, it ensures all exposed cab areas are enclosed and safeguarded from the elements. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, it’s your reliable shield year-round.

Cleaning is a breeze with the latest protection technology. This cover resists dust, sand, UV rays, dirt, snow, frost, leaves, branches, pollen, and more. Even if it gets soiled, a quick wipe with a damp rag will have it looking fresh again.

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