Jeep SUNPIE RGBW LED Rock Light Pods with Music Mode


Universal fit with added pure white color for extra brightness.
Control lighting with an APP or remote, featuring over 20 strobe modes.
Constructed with a high-temperature resistant metal LED base.



Brighten up your off-road adventures with the SUNPIE RGBW LED Rock Light Pods. Designed for versatility and durability, these lights are perfect for trucks, sedans, ATVs, boats, and of course, Jeeps. With enhanced brightness and a universal fit, they are sure to elevate the aesthetic of any vehicle.

Superior Brightness:
The SUNPIE RGBW rock lights stand out from the rest. While most rock lights feature RGB lighting, SUNPIE has introduced an added pure white color, ensuring that they are much brighter. This addition not only enhances the appearance but also provides higher power output, making your vehicle noticeable and safer.

Versatile Control:
With the advancing technology, why should your rock lights stay behind? The SUNPIE rock lights come with dual control options. Whether you prefer using a dedicated APP or a remote control, changing colors, switching to music mode, or selecting from over 20 strobe modes has never been easier. And if you decide to expand your setup with 2 or more lights, the remote control allows you to operate each rock light individually.

Durable Construction:
Durability is a concern for many when shopping for vehicle accessories. SUNPIE addresses this by offering a rock light with a metal LED base instead of the commonly used plastic. This painted metal construction can withstand high temperatures, ensuring an extended service life for the rock lights.

Easy Installation:
No one likes a complicated installation process. SUNPIE ensures a hassle-free experience by including all the necessary tools in the package. From screws to a Bluetooth control box, 4 rock lights with extended wires, and even a remote control, you’ve got everything to get started. The lights are designed for easy connection and can be effortlessly drilled onto your vehicle’s fender board.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement with your vehicle or searching for functional and aesthetic lighting solutions, the SUNPIE RGBW LED Rock Light Pods are the perfect choice. With a backed-up 1-year warranty from the reputed SUNPIE brand, it?s a worthy investment. Interested in learning more? Click the ?Learn More? button above for detailed information and reviews.

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