Smittybilt Stryker Rear Bumper for Jeep JK

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Robust Construction: Crafted from durable 3mm deep drawn formed steel, the Smittybilt Stryker Rear Bumper is designed to provide rugged protection for your Jeep JK.
Integrated D-ring and Lift Point: Equipped with an integrated D-ring and lift point, this bumper can accommodate up to 7/8″ D-rings, adding both utility and style to your vehicle.
Auxiliary Backup Light Cut Outs: The bumper features strategically placed cutouts for auxiliary backup lights, enhancing visibility and safety.
Customizable Mesh Panels: Enjoy the freedom to personalize your bumper with removable mesh panels that allow for a unique and personalized look.
Enhanced Departure Angles: The raised corners of the bumper are designed to offer improved departure angles, ensuring your off-road adventures go smoothly.


Elevate both the style and functionality of your Jeep JK with the Smittybilt Stryker Rear Bumper. Crafted from sturdy 3mm deep drawn formed steel, this rear bumper is built to withstand the challenges of off-road terrain and provide reliable protection for your vehicle.

The integrated D-ring and lift point add a practical touch to the bumper’s design, allowing you to easily attach accessories or recover your vehicle when needed. With the capacity to fit up to 7/8″ D-rings, this feature not only enhances the bumper’s utility but also contributes to its rugged aesthetic.

Safety and visibility are priorities when venturing off-road, and the auxiliary backup light cut outs on the Smittybilt Stryker Rear Bumper help you achieve both. By providing dedicated spaces for auxiliary backup lights, this bumper ensures that you have enhanced visibility, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Personalization is at your fingertips with the removable mesh panels of the bumper. Express your individuality and style by adding or removing these panels, creating a look that’s uniquely yours.

Additionally, the raised corners of the bumper contribute to better departure angles, an essential factor for tackling uneven terrain with confidence. This bumper not only enhances the aesthetics of your Jeep JK but also equips it for a range of off-road adventures.

If you’re seeking a rear bumper that combines durability, functionality, and a distinctive appearance, the Smittybilt Stryker Rear Bumper is an ideal choice. Its blend of robust construction, integrated features, and customizable design elements make it a valuable addition to your Jeep JK.

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