Jeep JL Smittybilt HD Pivot Tire Carrier 7743

Strong enough to support up to a 40″, 135 lb spare tire without causing tailgate sag.
Highly customizable with adjustable positions and compatibility with various top styles.
Ensures smooth, rattle-free single action opening and closing of the tailgate.


Smittybilt HD Pivot Tire Carrier: A Game-Changer for Jeep JL Owners
Strength Redefined: Ever imagined your Jeep JL sporting a massive 40″, 135 lb spare tire without any tailgate sag or buckling? With this tire carrier, it’s a reality.
Make it Yours: Not just a rigid fixture, it?s designed for customization. Adjust the positions, enhance your departure angle, and choose to pair it with either an open back or a trendy slant-back top.
Simplicity at its Best: The carrier doesn?t complicate things. Open or close your tailgate with a hassle-free single action. Say goodbye to unwanted rattles or vibrations.
Installation Made Easy: No drills, no mess. Plus, if you’re a fan of the OE bumpers, this carrier accommodates them perfectly.
Additional Features: Want to mount a trail jack? It?s got the mounting points ready for you.
Jeep JL 2018+, Smittybilt Tire Carrier, HD Pivot, 40″ Spare Tire Support, Rattle-free Tailgate, Adjustable Tire Carrier, No-Drill Installation, OE Bumper Compatible, Trail Jack Mounting, Jeep Upgrade




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