Smittybilt Mag-Armor Magnetic Trail Skins

Magnetic and pliable backing for easy installation and storage.
Custom CNC-cut to perfectly fit your JK.
Provides protection for sides and doors from trail hazards.


Upgrade your Jeep JK’s protection with the Smittybilt Mag-Armor Magnetic Trail Skins. These innovative aluminum skins offer a convenient and effective way to shield your vehicle from trail hazards while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Magnetic and Pliable Backing:
The Mag-Armor Magnetic Trail Skins feature a magnetic and pliable backing, making installation and storage a breeze. Attach them securely to your Jeep’s sides and doors whenever needed, and remove them with ease when not in use.

Custom CNC-Cut for Perfect Fit:
Each Mag-Armor Trail Skin is custom CNC-cut to fit your JK perfectly. This precision ensures that your vehicle receives optimal protection without compromising its aesthetics.

Protection Against Trail Hazards:
Safeguard your Jeep’s sides and doors from potential trail hazards such as rocks, branches, and debris. The Mag-Armor Trail Skins add an extra layer of defense to your vehicle, ensuring peace of mind during off-road adventures.

Triple-Layered Protection at 0.062″ Thick:
With a thickness of 0.062″ (1.6mm), the Mag-Armor Trail Skins offer triple-layered protection. This durable construction is designed to withstand the rigors of off-road trails, maintaining the integrity of your Jeep’s exterior.

Matte Black Finish and Printable Surface:
Featuring a matte black finish, the Mag-Armor Trail Skins complement your Jeep’s aesthetics. Additionally, the skins come with a printable surface, allowing for ultimate customization and personalization.

Highway Rated up to 80MPH:
The Mag-Armor Trail Skins are highway rated up to 80MPH, ensuring that you can travel safely while keeping them attached to your Jeep.

Working Temperature Range:
These skins are designed to perform in a wide range of conditions, with a working temperature range of 0?F to 130?F.

Upgrade your Jeep’s protection and style with the Smittybilt Mag-Armor Magnetic Trail Skins, providing versatile and durable defense against trail hazards.

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