Smittybilt Stryker Front Bumper (Center Section Only)

Integrated D-ring and lift point fits up to 7/8″ D-rings.
Equipped with an integrated overrider and provision for a 13″ LED light bar.
Winch compatible up to 12k for enhanced versatility.


Enhance the front end of your Jeep with the Smittybilt Stryker Front Bumper Center Section. This versatile bumper component offers essential features for both protection and customization, making it a valuable addition to your vehicle.

Integrated D-Ring and Lift Point:
The integrated D-ring and lift point are designed to accommodate D-rings with a diameter of up to 7/8″. Enjoy the convenience of reliable anchor points for recovery and towing needs.

Integrated Overrider with Light Bar Provision:
The integrated overrider not only adds a layer of protection but also provides a provision for mounting a 13″ LED light bar. Illuminate your path and enhance visibility during nighttime adventures.

Winch Compatibility up to 12k:
This bumper center section is winch compatible, supporting winches with a capacity of up to 12,000 lbs. Whether you’re tackling tough trails or need to assist others, this bumper is ready to handle the task.

Compatibility with JK and JL Fog Lights:
The Smittybilt Stryker Front Bumper accepts both JK development LED and incandescent JL/JK fog lights. Enjoy the freedom to customize your lighting setup according to your preferences.

Optional Modular Wings Available:
Enhance the functionality and appearance of your bumper further by adding optional modular wings. These wings, available separately, provide additional customization possibilities to suit your needs.

Upgrade your Jeep with the Smittybilt Stryker Front Bumper Center Section and experience integrated features, winch compatibility, and the option to customize your lighting setup.

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