Smittybilt RUT-Recovery Utility Tool Trail Shovel


Compact tri-fold design for portability.
Fiber-reinforced nylon handle for strength.
Carbon steel blade with double serrated edge.


For off-road enthusiasts, adventurers, and campers, having the right tools during outdoor excursions is paramount. Enter the Smittybilt RUT-Recovery Utility Tool Trail Shovel, a durable and compact solution for all your digging needs on the trail.

Compact Tri-Fold Design
One of the standout features of the Smittybilt Trail Shovel is its compact tri-fold design. This ensures that the shovel can be folded down to a portable size, making it easy to store in your vehicle or pack without taking up excessive space. Whether you’re setting up a campsite or navigating off-road terrains, this design ensures the shovel is always within reach.

Versatile Adjustments
Versatility is key when you’re out in the wilderness. The shovel offers 2-way multi adjustments, allowing you to customize its configuration based on the task at hand. Whether you’re breaking ground for a campfire or digging your vehicle out of a tricky spot, this tool is up to the challenge.

Strength and Durability
A shovel is only as good as its construction, and the Smittybilt doesn’t disappoint. It boasts a fiber-reinforced nylon handle that ensures a sturdy grip and longevity. Paired with this is a carbon steel blade that’s not just robust but also features a double serrated edge. Heat-treated for high strength, this blade can cut through tough terrains with ease.

Additional Features
The trail shovel comes with a storage bag, ensuring that it remains protected from the elements when not in use. It also aids in keeping your vehicle or pack clean from any residual dirt or mud after use.

The Smittybilt RUT-Recovery Utility Tool Trail Shovel is a testament to thoughtful design combined with functionality. Perfect for Jeep lovers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts, it’s a reliable companion for any trail adventure. To delve deeper into its features and read user reviews, click on the ?Learn More? button above.

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