Jeep Gladiator SMARTLINER Custom Fit Floor Mats 2 Row Liner Set Black

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Provides top-tier all-weather, stain-resistant, and 100% odorless protection.
Designed for the 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator with lockable rear underseat storage.
Custom fit with raised lip for maximum protection against spills and messes.


SMARTLINER Jeep Gladiator Custom Fit Floor Mats with Lockable Rear Underseat Storage
Elevate your Jeep Gladiator?s interior protection with SMARTLINER?s custom fit floor mats. Crafted for precision, style, and durability, here?s why these mats are a must-have:
Premium Quality: These mats offer unparalleled all-weather protection. They’re stain-resistant and 100% odorless, ensuring your Jeep maintains a fresh, new-car smell.
All-Weather Defense: Be it rain, snow, mud, sand, or saltwater, our mats are designed to handle all elements, safeguarding your vehicle?s carpet from potential damage.
Precision Fit: Using cutting-edge vehicle scanning technology, we’ve created a custom design with a raised lip. This ensures every nook and corner of your Jeep Gladiator?s floor is covered and protected.
Maintenance Made Easy: Cleaning your car mats has never been easier. Just hose them down or spot-clean with soap and water to retain their pristine look.
Eco-Friendly Choice: Made from a recyclable plastic-rubber and polyethylene blend, these mats are not just good for your car but also kind to the environment.
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