Silly Boys Jeeps are for Girls JL Spare Tire Cover


Empowering statement design for Jeep girls.
Tool-less, easy installation with robust bungee cord.
Designed for Jeep models with backup cameras.



For the empowered Jeep-driving woman who wants to make a statement, the “Silly Boys, Jeeps are for Girls” spare tire cover is the ultimate accessory. Dive into more details and user experiences by clicking ?Learn More.?

Empowering Design:
Boasting the statement “Silly Boys, These are for Girls,” this tire cover is all about female power and love for Jeeps. Its off-road 4×4 design further emphasizes the adventure spirit of every rough terrain driving woman.

Install Without Tools:
Say goodbye to complicated installation processes. This tire cover features a user-friendly “no tool” setup, allowing you to easily put it on and take it off. The heavy-duty bungee cord ensures a snug fit, making it just as ideal for road trips as it is for parking lot displays.

Tailored for Backup Cameras:
Modern Jeep drivers need not worry about losing functionality. This tire cover includes a cutout for the backup camera, ensuring your safety features remain unobstructed. Moreover, a variety of cool designs, from patriotic flags to cute paw prints, ensures there’s a style for every personality.

Perfect Fit Every Time:
Before purchasing, glance at the sidewall of your tire to ensure a perfect fit. Common sizes suitable for this design include 245/75r17 (32 inch), 255/70r18 (32 inch), and 285/70r17 (33 inch).

Proudly Made in the USA:
This isn’t just a tire cover; it’s a badge of honor. Crafted with pride in the USA, this accessory not only showcases the spirit of American women but also represents quality craftsmanship. The American flag tire covers, in particular, are a beautiful display of patriotism.

Elevate your Jeep’s style while making a statement with the “Silly Boys, Jeeps are for Girls” spare tire cover. Whether you’re driving through city streets or rugged terrains, let the world know who’s boss. Check out further details and reviews by clicking the ?Learn More? button above.

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