Say When Doc Holiday Sticker Decal

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Embrace the Wild West spirit with the Say When Doc Holiday Sticker Decal.
2-pack of premium vinyl stickers featuring a skull, tombstone design, and iconic quote.
UV protective laminate for vibrant, weatherproof, and scratch-resistant finish.



Embrace the Wild West with the Say When Doc Holiday Sticker Decal

Say When Doc Holiday Sticker Decal:
Channel the legendary essence of the Wild West with the Say When Doc Holiday Sticker Decal. This 2-pack of premium quality vinyl stickers boasts an eye-catching skull and tombstone design, coupled with the iconic quote “Say When.” Whether you’re an aficionado of western movies or simply admire the fearless demeanor of Doc Holiday, these stickers are an essential addition to your collection.


Two-Pack: This purchase offers two stickers, granting you the freedom to retain one for yourself and share the other with a friend or family member. It’s a fantastic way to spread the western flair and exhibit your mutual admiration for the iconic character.
Effortless Peel & Stick Application: Application is a breeze. Simply peel off the backing and adhere the sticker to any clean, smooth surface of your choosing. It secures steadfastly, ensuring it remains in place even during your adventures.
UV Protective Laminate: The sticker is equipped with a crystal-clear protective layer that renders it UV resistant. This safeguard allows it to endure sunlight exposure without fading or losing its color. Furthermore, it’s resistant to scratches, water, and adverse weather conditions, upholding its vivacity even in the outdoors.
Versatile Usage: The sticker’s potential knows no bounds. Apply it to diverse surfaces like laptops, computers, trucks, tablets, toolboxes, hardhats, tumblers, walls, autos, RVs, and more. Unleash your imagination and discover the ideal location to flaunt your western pride.
Automotive, Print, Sign, Accessories: This sticker’s utility extends beyond personal use. It finds a place in automotive settings, print or sign accessories, both indoors and outdoors. Its adaptability ensures it can seamlessly integrate into various contexts, infusing a dash of western charm wherever it graces.
Made in the USA by a Veteran-Owned Company: Your purchase proudly supports a local business. The Say When Doc Holiday Sticker Decal is meticulously crafted in the USA by a veteran-owned company, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and meticulous attention to detail.
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