RUN-D 35W 3 inch LED Driving Lights


Superior luminosity with 2800 lumens.
Compact design with advanced thermal management.
2.5 times brighter than a regular 55-watt halogen bulb.



Elevate your nighttime off-road adventures with RUN-D 35W 3-inch LED Driving Lights. Designed for enthusiasts, these lights ensure you never have to compromise on visibility or durability. Click ?Learn More? above to delve into the features of these powerful LED lights.

RUN-D Advantage:
Choosing RUN-D means opting for unbeatable quality without breaking the bank. These driving lights are designed with excellence in mind, offering top-tier performance at an affordable price.

High Output:
Experience brilliance like never before. With a luminous flux of 2800 lumens per light, they outshine regular 55-watt halogen bulbs by 2.5 times, ensuring clearer and further visibility on challenging terrains.

Compact Housing with Efficient Thermal Management:
Despite their compact 3” cube design, these lights are built to dissipate heat effectively. The oversized radiating fins, crafted from premium 6 series aluminum known for its high thermal conductivity, keep the lights cool, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Exclusive Patent Design:
Functionality meets aesthetics with RUN-D’s patent design. These lights are not just tough and efficient but are also stylishly designed. Crafted with precision using CNC machines, they add a touch of sophistication to your vehicle.

What’s Included:
When you purchase the RUN-D 35W LED Driving Lights, you receive:

1 pair of 3-inch LED off-road lights with a 45? flood beam for widespread visibility.
Durable mounting bracket.
Essential bolts and screws for hassle-free installation.
A generous 24-month warranty to assure quality.
Friendly customer service to assist with any of your queries.
RUN-D 35W 3-inch LED Driving Lights are not just about illuminating your path; they?re about ensuring that every journey you undertake is safe and enjoyable. Whether you’re navigating rocky terrains or cruising through the desert, these lights are your trusty companions. Explore their features, read reviews, and make an informed choice by clicking ?Learn More? above.

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