Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Spare Tire Carrier Mount


Designed for optimal strength and adjustability for oversized wheels and tires.
Crafted from 1/4″ steel; extends 2″ away from the body for maximum tire size of 35″.
Provides unparalleled stability, especially during off-roading.


When you’re conquering rough terrains in your Jeep Wrangler, ensuring you have a sturdy spare tire mount is crucial. The Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Spare Tire Carrier Mount guarantees durability, stability, and easy adjustability. For an in-depth look at its features and customer feedback, click the ?Learn More? button above.

Strength and Adjustability:
No more concerns about the safety of your oversized wheels and tires. The tire carrier wheel mount is constructed to provide unmatched strength and adjustability. Whether you?re cruising through city streets or navigating rugged terrains, this mount ensures your spare tire is secured.

Designed for the Spare:
The textured tire carrier mount not only looks rugged but is built tough. Made with a 1/4″ steel construction, it extends an additional 2″ away from the body, making it suitable for a maximum tire size of 35″.

Stable Carrier Mounts:
It?s more than just a mount; it?s a promise of stability. Easily attach an oversized wheel and spare tire to your Jeep?s back. What?s impressive is its ability to remain stable, especially during off-roading adventures.

Rugged Ridge Legacy:
When you opt for Rugged Ridge, you’re choosing a brand known for its proven Jeep parts and accessories. Whether you need bumpers, lift kits, or interior accessories, Rugged Ridge delivers on quality and performance.

Warranty Assurance:
Peace of mind comes standard with Rugged Ridge products. This tire carrier mount comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. And that?s not all, Rugged Ridge Floor Liners come with limited lifetime warranties, safeguarding you against specific exclusions.

For Jeep enthusiasts who prioritize safety, durability, and style, the Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Spare Tire Carrier Mount is the ideal choice. Dive deeper into its features, benefits, and see how it can be a game-changer for your vehicle by clicking the ?Learn More? button above.

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