Gladiator Rubicon Express Gas Tank Skid Plate


Essential protection for your gas tank.
Crafted for Jeep Gladiator by Rubicon Express.
Sturdy design with model number REA1024.


Drive with Confidence with the Rubicon Express Skid Plate!
Adventures can take you anywhere, and while you push your Jeep Gladiator to the limits, you need to ensure it’s safeguarded. The Rubicon Express Gas Tank Skid Plate is meticulously crafted to offer robust protection to your gas tank, ensuring your drives are worry-free.


Ultimate Protection: Shields your gas tank from potential hazards, especially during off-road adventures.
Perfect Fit: Designed explicitly for Jeep Gladiator, ensuring a snug and seamless fit.
Quality Assured: Manufactured by Rubicon Express, a trusted name in Jeep accessories.
Detailed Specifications: Comes with the model number REA1024, ensuring you get the genuine product.
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Rubicon Express


Rubicon Express