Rubicon Express 1.75″ Front Coil Spacer for Jeep JK


Lift and Compensation: Achieve a 1.75″ front lift while also compensating for extra weight.
Quality Manufacturing: Proudly made in the United States, ensuring premium craftsmanship.
Universal Fit: Designed to offer a universal fit for a variety of Jeep JK models.


Elevate your Jeep JK’s front end and address the challenge of additional weight with the Rubicon Express 1.75″ Front Coil Spacer. This spacer lift kit offers not only an increased front lift of 1.75 inches but also serves as a solution to accommodate extra weight on your vehicle.

Whether you’ve added heavy accessories, equipment, or cargo, this coil spacer kit is designed to provide the necessary support and compensation. It ensures that your Jeep’s front end remains balanced and performs optimally, even with the added load.

Crafted with care and precision, the Rubicon Express 1.75″ Front Coil Spacer stands as a testament to quality manufacturing. Made in the United States, you can trust the craftsmanship and durability of this product to meet the high standards expected by Jeep enthusiasts.

Designed for versatility, this coil spacer offers a universal fit. It’s compatible with a range of Jeep JK models, making it a practical choice for various vehicle configurations. Whether you’re tackling off-road adventures, daily commuting, or any other driving scenario, this front coil spacer helps maintain your Jeep’s performance and stance.

By providing a 1.75-inch lift at the front, this spacer kit not only accommodates extra weight but also contributes to improved ground clearance and the aesthetic appeal of your Jeep. The additional lift allows you to navigate various terrains with ease, enhancing your off-road capabilities.

When you choose the Rubicon Express 1.75″ Front Coil Spacer, you’re selecting a high-quality solution that combines functionality and durability. With its universal fit and the ability to compensate for extra weight, this spacer kit adds value to your Jeep JK.

Key Features:

Provides a 1.75″ lift at the front for improved ground clearance
Compensates for extra weight, ensuring balanced performance
Made in the United States, reflecting quality craftsmanship
Universal fit for various Jeep JK models
Enhances both performance and aesthetics
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Brand: Rubicon Express


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