Rough Country NP231 Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit


Convert your Jeep’s NP231 Transfer Case from slip yoke to fixed yoke.
Enhance off-road durability and performance for your Wrangler/Cherokee.
Compatible with Jeep TJ, YJ, and XJ models after 1996.


The Rough Country NP231 Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit is the ultimate solution to a common weak point in Jeep Wrangler/Cherokee NP231 Transfer Cases. Say goodbye to the slip yoke on the rear output shaft and hello to improved off-road durability and performance.


Superior Conversion
This kit seamlessly converts your Jeep’s NP231 Transfer Case from a slip yoke to a fixed yoke. The result? Enhanced off-road performance and greater durability that every outdoor enthusiast craves.

Designed specifically for NP231 Transfer Cases on Jeep YJ, TJ, and XJ models produced after 1996, this kit ensures a perfect fit. For earlier models, it’s important to note that you’ll need to remove the needle bearings from the stock drive sprockets for proper installation.

Comprehensive Kit
The Rough Country NP231 Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit provides everything you need to make the switch. It requires Rough Country’s Extended Travel Drive Shaft for optimum performance, preventing driveline vibration and protecting your rear output shaft from potential damage.

Lifetime Warranty
Rest easy knowing that this kit is backed by Rough Country’s Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty. You’re making a long-lasting investment in your Jeep’s performance.

Upgrade your Jeep TJ, YJ, or XJ’s NP231 Transfer Case with the Rough Country NP231 Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit. Experience improved off-road capabilities and greater durability. Click the “Learn More” button above to explore more details and read reviews from satisfied Jeep enthusiasts.

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Brand: Rough Country


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