Rough Country 2 Inch Black Series Square LED Cube Lights

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High-powered 3,600 Lumen, 40 Watt output.
Unique Black Series with Cool White DRL.
Precision 8-degree spot beam for focused illumination.


Elevate your nighttime off-road adventures with Rough Country’s 2 Inch Black Series Square LED Cube Lights. Designed for the avid outdoor enthusiast, these lights are an essential addition to any off-roading kit. For a more in-depth look at their features, click the ?Learn More? button above.

High-powered Illumination:
Don’t be deceived by its size; these compact LED lights deliver a whopping 3,600 Lumen and 40 Watt output. Whether it’s dense forests or murky terrains, these lights ensure you have a clear path ahead, making nighttime journeys safer.

Cool White DRL:
Beyond their intense brightness, these cube lights come with a Cool White Daytime Running Light (DRL) feature, ensuring visibility even in bright daylight, adding an extra layer of safety during daytime adventures.

8-degree Spot Beam:
Precision is key. The 8-degree spot beam ensures a focused illumination range, highlighting potential obstacles and ensuring a clearer path. The narrow beam pattern is ideal for seeing at a distance, making it perfect for high-speed night drives on open terrains.

Black Series Design:
Aesthetics meets function. The Black Series design not only adds a sleek, modern touch to your vehicle but is also crafted to withstand the harshest of conditions, ensuring longevity and durability.

For those seeking a blend of style, power, and precision, the Rough Country 2 Inch Black Series Square LED Cube Lights are the perfect choice. Their robust performance coupled with their sleek design ensures that you’re prepared for any off-road challenge, day or night. Explore more about these lights and read reviews by clicking the ?Learn More? button above.

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