Start-X Remote Starter Kit for Jeep Wrangler Key Start


Experience ultimate convenience with the Plug N Play Remote Starter Kit for Jeep Wrangler. Warm or cool up your vehicle remotely in freezing winters and scorching summers.
Innovative Start-X T-Harness ensures a clean and hassle-free installation, eliminating the usual wire mess.
Simple plug-and-play setup, no wire cutting or splicing required. Watch our instruction video for easy installation.



Upgrade your Jeep Wrangler’s comfort and convenience with the Start-X Remote Starter Kit. Designed specifically for 2007-2018 Jeep Wranglers, this kit offers a seamless and user-friendly way to remotely start your vehicle, making cold winters and hot summers more bearable.

Remote Comfort Control:
No more waiting in the cold or heat to defog your windshield or adjust the temperature inside your Jeep. With the Start-X Remote Starter Kit, you can start your vehicle remotely, ensuring a comfortable cabin before you even step inside.

Innovative T-Harness Design:
Enjoy a neat and organized installation process with the Start-X T-Harness. This unique design eliminates the usual tangle of wires, resulting in a cleaner and more professional installation. Our dedicated tech experts are ready to assist you with any technical questions during the installation.

Simple Plug-and-Play Setup:
Say goodbye to complex installations. The Start-X Remote Starter Kit requires no wire cutting or splicing. A single T-Harness connection is all that’s needed. While some disassembly of your vehicle is necessary, our clear instructions and video guide make the process quick and easy.

Smart Remote Activation:
Activate the remote start feature by simply pressing the lock button on your factory remote three times. Turn off your vehicle by repeating the process. For added convenience, an optional cell phone module allows you to start your vehicle from anywhere. (Optional cell phone module available separately).

Important Compatibility Note:
Please note that your vehicle must have power locks with a remote for this system to work. If your vehicle lacks OEM power locks, you can still enjoy the benefits by adding an RF kit.

Click the “Learn More” button to explore further details, warranty information, and the option to add the cell phone module. Upgrade your driving experience with the Start-X Remote Starter Kit and enjoy the luxury of pre-conditioned comfort every time you step into your Jeep Wrangler.

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