Jeep Grit Performance Tire Pressure Gauge & Deflator Kit


Rapid release deflation for efficient tire pressure management.
Precision accuracy with glow-in-the-dark face for night-time visibility.
All-inclusive kit with unsurpassed durability and a lifetime guarantee.


For Jeep lovers and off-road enthusiasts, tire pressure is pivotal in navigating challenging terrains. The Grit Performance Tire Pressure Gauge & Deflator Kit is tailored for those who refuse to compromise on precision and convenience, even in the harshest conditions.

Rapid Release Deflation:
Navigating different terrains requires different tire pressures. With this kit’s easy-to-use tire deflator, adjusting pressure becomes a breeze. The tool kit can remove the valve core, releasing air from your tires rapidly. Plus, with the full-color, image-rich instructions, even first-time users can master the process quickly.

Precision Accuracy:
Ensuring the right tire pressure is vital, and this kit offers instant reading without any fuss. Designed with a certified ANSI B40.1 pressure gauge, which is connected via a 12″ hose to the rapid release deflator, users can get an instant reading by merely pushing the slide-valve forward. Additionally, the glow-in-the-dark face ensures you can take readings even in low light situations.

Top-notch Quality & Durability:
Crafted from premium materials sourced globally, this kit guarantees longevity. The bronze bourdon tube and brass deflator resist rust and corrosion. Moreover, the rubber housing surrounding the heavy-duty gauge not only offers an easy grip but also shields it from potential damage due to drops or rough usage.

All-inclusive Kit:
Beyond the primary tools, the kit also includes valve core replacement tools, four chrome valve caps, four black caps, and even a custom zippered carrying case. This ensures that everything you need is organized and within arm’s reach, especially during urgent situations.

Tire traction can make or break your off-roading adventure. With the Jeep Grit Performance Tire Pressure Gauge & Deflator Kit, you can effortlessly adjust your tire pressure to suit any terrain. Trust in Grit’s dedication to quality and durability, and make this kit an essential part of your off-road gear. For more details and reviews from fellow off-road enthusiasts, click the ?Learn More? button above.

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