Overland Outfitters HD Molle Tailgate Panel for Jeep Wrangler

Elevate your Jeep Wrangler’s storage and organization capabilities with the Overland Outfitters HD Molle Tailgate Panel.
Designed for Wrangler YJ, TJ, JK, and JL models (1987-2022).
Crafted from military-grade 24 oz canvas with reinforced stitching and heavy-duty leather Molle webbing for durability and style.
Provides a secure and stylish space for storing Grab & Go bags, First Aid kits, Molle gear, pouches, and accessories.
Universally compatible with other Molle accessories, making it perfect for organizing flashlights, tool holders, and more.
Custom-fit options available for Wrangler YJ/TJ (1987-2006), JK (2007-2018), and JL (2018-2022) models.


Upgrade your Jeep Wrangler’s cargo area storage and organization with the Overland Outfitters HD Molle Tailgate Panel. This custom-fit panel attaches easily to the inside of your Wrangler’s tailgate, providing a secure and stylish location to store essential gear, tools, and accessories.

Key Features:

Premium Look: Handcrafted with military-grade 24 oz canvas and reinforced stitching, this Molle panel boasts heavy-duty leather Molle webbing, offering both durability and a premium aesthetic that stands out.

Universal Molle Compatibility: The Molle webbing on this panel is not only perfect for securing Grab & Go bags and First Aid kits but also universally compatible with other Molle accessories, allowing you to organize flashlights, pouches, tool holders, and more.

Adds More Space: Clear out the clutter in your cargo area, freeing up more functional space and making it easier to find and grab your gear, tools, or equipment when you need them.

Custom Fitment: Overland Outfitters Tailgate Molle Panels are engineered for precise, custom fitment based on your specific Wrangler year model. Choose from black or tan colors to match your style.

Elevate your offroad, camping, and overlanding experiences with the Overland Outfitters HD Molle Tailgate Panel. Click the “Learn More” button above to order yours today and transform your Wrangler’s cargo area into a highly organized and stylish space.

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