Jeep Gladiator Nixon Offroad Heavy Duty Modular Front Bumper


Modular design for versatility
Compatible with 12,000 lbs Winch
Dual Front Tow Hooks for added functionality


Upgrade your Jeep Wrangler JL or Gladiator JT with the Nixon Offroad Heavy Duty Modular Front Bumper. Its modular design adds versatility to your off-road adventures, allowing you to customize it to your exact needs. Whether you’re tackling tough trails or need to handle heavy-duty tasks, this bumper has you covered.
Equipped with compatibility for a 12,000 lbs winch, you’ll have the confidence to overcome any obstacle. Additionally, the dual front tow hooks provide added functionality and recovery options when you need them most.


Modular design for customization
Compatibility with a 12,000 lbs winch
Dual Front Tow Hooks for enhanced functionality
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Brand: Nixon Offroad


Nixon Offroad