MICHELIN Serpentine Drive Belt


Upgrade your vehicle’s drive belt to the high-performance MICHELIN Serpentine Drive Belt SMAMV6PK2225 for optimized costs, reduced CO2 emissions, and exceptional durability.
Featuring built-in tension for automatic maintenance of belt tension over time, this belt provides a compact, low-noise drive solution with low maintenance needs and higher cost-effectiveness.
This product is designed to fit specific vehicles according to OEM design and requirements. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual or OEM specification to ensure correct part compatibility.



Elevate your vehicle’s performance and efficiency with the advanced MICHELIN Serpentine Drive Belt SMAMV6PK2225. Engineered to excel in challenging engine environments characterized by high speeds, elevated temperatures, and wet conditions, this serpentine drive belt delivers exceptional durability and wear resistance.

Optimized Efficiency and Emissions:
MICHELIN’s Serpentine Drive Belt SMAMV6PK2225 is a high-performance component designed to optimize costs and reduce CO2 emissions. Its robust construction enables it to withstand the demanding conditions of modern engines, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.

Built-In Tension for Reliability:
One of the standout features of this drive belt is its built-in tension mechanism. Incorporating polyamide cord technology, the belt maintains the appropriate tension automatically over time. This results in a drive solution that’s compact, produces minimal noise, requires low maintenance, and offers enhanced cost-effectiveness.

Product Warranty for Peace of Mind:
MICHELIN stands behind the quality of its products. The Serpentine Drive Belt SMAMV6PK2225 includes a one-year product warranty against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. This warranty provides assurance that your investment is protected, adding to the overall value of the product.

Vehicle Compatibility and Sizing:
Designed to fit specific vehicles following OEM design and requirements, the MICHELIN Serpentine Drive Belt SMAMV6PK2225 is a reliable replacement part. Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or OEM specification to ensure the correct fit before purchasing. Note that factors such as engine size and accessory options can influence the product’s size and design.

Replaces OEM Part Numbers:
The MICHELIN Serpentine Drive Belt SMAMV6PK2225 serves as a replacement for multiple OEM part numbers, including 5060875, 6PK2225, and K060875. This ensures a seamless fit and compatibility with various vehicle models.

Optimize Your Drive with MICHELIN:
Upgrade your vehicle’s drive system with the MICHELIN Serpentine Drive Belt SMAMV6PK2225 and experience optimized costs, reduced emissions, and enhanced durability. Trust in MICHELIN’s commitment to quality and performance for a reliable drive solution that meets your needs.

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