Metalcloak RockSport JK Steering Stabilizer Kit


Elevate your Jeep’s steering performance with MetalCloak’s RockSport Steering Stabilizer Kit, designed specifically for the JK Wrangler. Experience improved valving, steering dampening, and enjoy the advantage of a system that ensures perfect placement out of harm’s way.


Boosted Valving:
MetalCloak’s RockSport Steering Stabilizer Kit is designed to cater to your lifted JK Wrangler. The kit offers additional valving, ensuring smoother steering response, especially on rugged terrains.

Steering Stabilizer’s Ideal Placement:
One of the standout features of this kit is the MetalCloak Steering Stabilizer Axle Side Relocation Mount. This ensures that the steering stabilizer is positioned up and away from potential harm, significantly reducing the chances of damage during off-road adventures. Alongside, the specifically valved RockSport steering dampener ensures optimum steering response.

Performance Like Never Before:
Switching to the RockSport steering stabilizer/damper promises an upsurge in both compression and extension damping capabilities compared to your JK’s original equipment. This enhancement greatly improves your vehicle’s overall ride quality and steering control, making every ride an experience to remember.

Optimal Steering Protection:
The MetalCloak Steering Stabilizer, Axle Side Mount, revolutionizes the stabilizer’s position by relocating it from the factory default. This relocation shields the stabilizer from potential hazards and debris, promising extended longevity and performance.

Installation Made Simple:
No need for professional help! The kit is designed for a hassle-free setup, utilizing the factory’s pre-existing holes for a straightforward bolt-on application.

Customer-First Approach:
MetalCloak stands by its products and customers. Enjoy lifetime customer service and support. Encounter an issue? Reach out, and MetalCloak’s team will ensure it’s resolved.

Upgrade your Jeep Wrangler JK’s steering performance with the RockSport Steering Stabilizer Kit by MetalCloak. From enhanced valving to perfect placement, this kit offers it all. Simplified installation and dedicated customer support make it an unmissable addition for every JK owner.

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