Jeep Wrangler Mammoth Type 88 Black Wheel

Sleek 8 spoke design for modern aesthetics.
Premium matte black finish.
Customizable gunmetal accent trim; easily removable and paintable.



Every Jeep Wrangler enthusiast knows the significance of a stellar wheel design. With the Mammoth Type 88 Black Wheel, you’re not just adding a wheel, but a statement piece. Delve deeper into its unmatched features and explore the myriad of customer testimonials by clicking the ?Learn More? button above.

Modern 8 Spoke Design:
Standing out is inherent to the Jeep Wrangler, and the Mammoth Type 88 ensures that you do just that. The contemporary 8-spoke design gives your Jeep a refined look that pairs brilliantly with both off-road trails and urban roads.

Matte Black Excellence:
Black is timeless, but the matte finish on this wheel adds an extra touch of elegance. This exquisite matte black finish not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also offers an added layer of protection against the elements.

Customizable Gunmetal Trim:
Tailor your wheels to match your style. The gunmetal accent trim is both removable and paintable. Whether you’re looking to maintain its gunmetal sheen or give it a personal touch with a splash of color, the choice is yours.

Hub Centric Design:
Performance is as crucial as looks. The hub-centric design ensures that the wheel is perfectly centered on the vehicle?s hub, providing a smoother ride and reducing the chances of vibration, especially at high speeds.

Sturdy Construction:
Constructed from one piece of aluminum, this wheel isn’t just about looks; it?s built to last. Lightweight yet robust, the aluminum build ensures durability without compromising on performance.

The Mammoth Type 88 Black Wheel is more than just an accessory; it’s a statement of style, durability, and performance. Dive into its array of features and visualize how it will elevate your Jeep Wrangler by clicking the ?Learn More? button above.

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