Jeep Gladiator HWSTAR 7 Inch LED Headlights Assembly with Round Halo


DOT H6024 and E-mark approved ensuring top-notch safety.
Striking round halo design for standout aesthetics.
Dual Hi/Low sealed beam for versatile lighting conditions.



When traversing the wild or cruising city streets, the Jeep Gladiator deserves nothing but the best. The HWSTAR 7 Inch LED Headlights Assembly promises not just efficient lighting, but also a dash of style and immense safety.

DOT H6024 and E-mark Approval:
Safety and compliance are at the heart of this product. Being both DOT H6024 and E-mark approved, these headlights guarantee adherence to strict safety and quality standards.

Radiant Round Halo Design:
The round halo design isn’t just about looking good; it also offers better visibility and a distinct appearance. Stand out from the crowd with these stunning LED headlights that are sure to make your Jeep Gladiator the center of attention.

Dual Hi/Low Sealed Beam:
Versatility is key when you’re out exploring. The Hi/Low sealed beam offers you the flexibility to adjust according to your surroundings, ensuring you have the best possible visibility, whether it’s a dark country road or a misty morning drive.

The HWSTAR 7 Inch LED Headlights Assembly is the perfect combination of form and function. Designed with passion and engineered with precision, it’s the ideal choice for every Jeep Gladiator owner. Want more details or interested in what others have to say? Click the ?Learn More? button above for in-depth information and reviews.

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