Kiwi Master Jeep JL Wheel Well Storage Trunk Organizers


Elevate your Jeep Wrangler JL’s organization with Kiwi Master Wheel Well Storage Trunk Organizers, designed for a perfect fit and added storage.
Maximize space by neatly storing essentials like keys, wallet, and phone, preventing clutter in the rear trunk area.
Enjoy easy installation and a secure fit without the need for adhesion, enhancing your Wrangler JL’s functionality.


Upgrade your Jeep Wrangler JL’s storage capacity with Kiwi Master Wheel Well Storage Trunk Organizers. Designed to fit seamlessly and offer essential storage solutions, these organizers elevate your Wrangler JL’s interior organization.

Perfect Fit Wrangler JL Trunk Organizers:
Crafted with precision using digitized computer modeling, these trunk organizers provide a perfect fit for 2018-2023 Wrangler JL models. The result is an accessory that seamlessly integrates into your vehicle’s design, resembling a factory-installed part.

Must-Have for Your Wrangler JL:
Experience the convenience of added storage space for keys, wallet, phone, and other essentials. Say goodbye to the hassle of items floating around the rear trunk area. Kiwi Master Trunk Organizers keep your belongings organized, easily accessible, and secure.

Great Storage Addition:
Designed as a versatile storage solution, these organizers are perfect for storing extra items in your Wrangler JL. Enjoy the ease of installation?simply put them on and start utilizing the added space. These organizers stay in place securely, eliminating the need for additional adhesion.

Assembled Design for Cost Efficiency:
Kiwi Master presents an assembled design that minimizes packaging and shipping costs, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. Enjoy a functional solution that saves you money while providing optimal organization.

Lifetime Warranty:
For peace of mind, Kiwi Master offers a lifetime warranty on their Wheel Well Storage Trunk Organizers. If you encounter any defects in materials or workmanship, rest assured that a reliable and quick response awaits you through Amazon Messages.

Elevate Your Wrangler JL’s Organization:
Take control of your Wrangler JL’s interior organization with Kiwi Master Wheel Well Storage Trunk Organizers. Enjoy a perfect fit, added storage, and easy installation that enhances your vehicle’s functionality. Click “Learn More” to explore the benefits of this essential accessory.

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Enhance your Jeep Wrangler JL’s storage capabilities with Kiwi Master Wheel Well Storage Trunk Organizers. Crafted for a perfect fit, these organizers provide essential space for your belongings, decluttering the rear trunk area. With easy installation and a lifetime warranty, enjoy added functionality and organization. Click “Learn More” to discover the ultimate storage solution for your Wrangler JL.


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