KIMHY Jeep XXL Dog Car Back Seat Cover with Mesh & Armrest Window


Expansive coverage with a size of 63″ W x 94″ L ensuring a clean car interior
Features mesh window for air circulation and pet visibility
Robust construction with heavy-duty, waterproof materials for durability



Set out for an adventure with your furry friend while keeping your vehicle clean with the KIMHY XXL Dog Car Back Seat Cover. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts and Jeep lovers who refuse to leave their pets behind. Dive deeper into the features by clicking the ?Learn More? button above.

Unique Dog Floor Hammock Design:
Crafted with side flaps and boasting an ultra-large size, this cover provides unmatched coverage for your car’s back seat, front seat’s back, floor, and doors. Say goodbye to dirt, liquid spills, paw prints, and messes. Ideal for large SUVs and trucks, it?s a perfect fit for pets weighing up to 150 lb.

Mesh & Armrest Window for Comfort:
The strategically placed mesh window ensures continuous airflow, keeping the backseat environment fresh. More than just ventilation, it acts as a visual bridge between you and your pet, reducing their travel anxiety. The dual zippers offer the flexibility to fold down the armrest for additional comfort. Bonus: Use the storage bags for keeping bottles or pet food.

Durable Construction Ensures Safety:
Constructed with four layers – 600 D oxford, padded PP cotton, PVC, and a non-slip mesh backpack, the cover stands for durability. It’s waterproof and built to last. The slip-resistant anchors and safety belt provision for pets promise a safe journey every time.

Versatile Application:
From acting as a hammock to transforming into a bench cover, its applications are numerous. Whether it’s a cargo liner or a picnic spread, adapt it to your needs. It’s an essential accessory for travel, camping, or hiking trips with pets.

Effortless Installation and Maintenance:
Equipped with quick-release clips, installing or removing the cover is a breeze. Designed for utmost comfort and safety, this product redefines road trips with pets. And when it?s time to clean? Simply toss it in the washing machine or wipe it down.

Elevate your traveling experience with your canine companion with the KIMHY XXL Dog Car Back Seat Cover. Designed with precision, durability, and the love for adventures in mind. To explore more and read reviews, click the ?Learn More? button above.

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