KC HiLiTES Gravity LED Pro6 Light Bar for Jeep Wrangler JT


Features A-pillar brackets for comprehensive lighting.
Comes with a complete wiring harness, switch, and silicone protectors for paint safety.
Secure, bolt-on design with upgraded hardware for a perfect fit.


Illuminate your off-road adventures with the KC HiLiTES Gravity LED Pro6 Light Bar. Specifically designed for Jeep Wrangler JT (2018-20), this product promises enhanced visibility without compromising the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Comprehensive Lighting with A-pillar Brackets:
KC HiLiTES believes in providing a holistic lighting experience. This kit includes A-pillar brackets, ensuring the light bar complements the entire front profile of your Jeep, guaranteeing both functionality and visual appeal.

Safety and Durability:
The inclusion of a complete wiring harness and switch ensures that the light bar integrates seamlessly with your Jeep’s electrical system. But the meticulousness doesn’t end there. The kit features silicone protectors strategically placed between the bracket and the vehicle. This thoughtful addition ensures that your Jeep’s paint remains untouched and protected against any potential abrasions during installation or use.

Bolt-on Design with Upgraded Hardware:
Worried about the light bar fitting your Jeep Wrangler JT perfectly? The Gravity LED Pro6 Light Bar boasts a fully bolt-on design. This ensures it securely mounts onto factory locations. Furthermore, the product includes upgraded hardware, ensuring stability, security, and a snug fit.

With KC HiLiTES Gravity LED Pro6 Light Bar, you are investing in a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Ideal for off-road enthusiasts and Jeep lovers, this light bar promises to be a game-changer in your driving experiences. To delve deeper into its features and benefits or to read user reviews, please click on the ?Learn More? button above.

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