JT Gladiator Coil Spring Base Lift Kit

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Designed exclusively for JT Gladiator (pickup).
Provides a 3.5-inch lift height.
Suitable for Sport/Overland Fenders with 35-inch tires.



For the avid off-road enthusiast and Jeep lover, the JT Gladiator 3.5 Inch Coil Spring Base Lift Kit is an impeccable choice. Specifically engineered for the JT Gladiator pickup, this kit offers not just height, but a transformative driving experience.

Tailored for JT Gladiator:
Maximize your Jeep Gladiator’s potential with this precision-designed lift kit. It ensures complete compatibility, seamless integration, and a sturdy elevation to your vehicle, maintaining its rugged appeal.

3.5-inch Elevation:
The 3.5-inch lift height is not just about aesthetics. It significantly improves the vehicle’s off-road capabilities. Tackling challenging terrains becomes noticeably easier, granting your Gladiator an edge over others.

Sport/Overland & Rubicon Fenders:
With Sport/Overland Fenders, this lift kit perfectly accommodates 35-inch tires. If you have the Rubicon Fenders, you can seamlessly fit in the 37-inch tire, ensuring that your Gladiator remains versatile in every condition.

No Shock Absorbers:
While this kit provides the much-needed lift, it comes without shock absorbers. This gives you the flexibility to choose or retain your preferred shocks, tailoring your Gladiator’s performance to your unique requirements.

The JT Gladiator 3.5 Inch Coil Spring Base Lift Kit stands out with its precise design and unmatched performance. Dive deeper into its capabilities by clicking the ?Learn More? button above, and check out reviews from fellow Jeep enthusiasts.

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