Jeep JLU Wrangler 4-Door Falcon SP2 3.3 Fast Adjust Piggyback Shocks (2-4.5″ Lift)


Exclusively designed for Jeep JLU Wrangler (4-door).
Perfect for 2-4.5″ lift systems.
Series 3.3 allows fine-tuning for various terrains and handling preferences.



Falcon SP2 3.3 Fast Adjust Shocks: Command Your Ride
Perfect Compatibility: Crafted with precision for the Jeep JLU Wrangler with 4 doors. It’s a fit that feels custom-made.
Versatile Lift: Whether you’re aiming for a 2″ or pushing it up to 4.5″, these shocks adapt seamlessly.
Customized Handling: With the Series 3.3 Fast Adjust feature, fine-tune your Jeep’s handling characteristics based on the terrain or your riding style.
Micro Precision: The Micro Position Dial offers 8 distinct compression settings, granting you the flexibility for subtle damping adjustments.
Two Modes, Double Fun: The SP2 Mode Adjust adds two modes ? Soft and Performance. Whether you want a smooth ride or performance-driven handling, switch modes as you wish.
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