Partsam Universal LED Tail Lights with Brake, Turn, and Reverse Lights


Enhance Safety and Style with 16 LED Lights (12 Red, 4 White)
Smoke/Red Lens Design for Improved Visibility
Compatible with Wrangler YJ, TJ, CJ, Pick-up Truck, Trailer, and RV
Easy Installation for a Quick Upgrade



Elevate your vehicle’s safety and style with the Partsam Universal LED Tail Lights featuring Brake, Turn, and Reverse Lights. This versatile lighting solution is designed to enhance your Wrangler YJ, TJ, CJ, Pick-up Truck, Trailer, or RV’s lighting performance while adding a touch of sophistication with its Smoke/Red Lens.

Enhanced Visibility:
Each of these tail lights is equipped with 16 high-intensity LED lights. This includes 12 red square LEDs that function as Stop, Turn, and Tail lights, ensuring that your intentions on the road are clearly visible to other drivers. Additionally, 4 white square LEDs serve as Back-up and Reverse lights, making parking and maneuvering in low-light conditions safer.

Smoke/Red Lens Design:
The Smoke/Red Lens not only adds a distinctive look to your vehicle but also enhances light diffusion for improved visibility. The red lens complements your vehicle’s aesthetics while the smoke tint adds a touch of sophistication.

Wide Compatibility:
These universal LED tail lights are compatible with a range of vehicles, including Wrangler YJ, TJ, CJ, Pick-up Trucks, Trailers, and RVs. Whether you’re upgrading your off-road companion or adding safety features to your daily driver, these tail lights have you covered.

Easy Installation:
Installing these tail lights is a straightforward process. They come ready for a hassle-free installation, so you can have them up and running in no time. Enjoy improved visibility and safety without the need for complex modifications.

Complete Lighting Solution:
Please note that these tail lights do not include License Plate illuminators or side indicators. However, they offer a comprehensive lighting solution for your vehicle’s rear end.

Upgrade your vehicle’s lighting performance, safety, and style with the Partsam Universal LED Tail Lights with Brake, Turn, and Reverse Lights. With their 16 LED lights, Smoke/Red Lens design, wide compatibility, and easy installation, these tail lights are a practical and eye-catching addition to your vehicle.

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Brand: Partsam