4X4 Wrangler Wave Peace Vinyl Decal Sticker


Perfect 4.3X5″ size for versatile applications.
Hassle-free installation with included instructions.
Designed for durability and is waterproof.


For the Jeep enthusiast who wishes to spread peace, unity, and off-road camaraderie, the 4X4 Wrangler Wave Peace Vinyl Decal Sticker stands as a symbol of these sentiments. A perfect blend of style and statement, it’s more than just a sticker; it’s a declaration of love for the iconic Jeep community.

Ideal Sizing:
Measuring at 4.3X5 inches, this decal is the perfect size, whether you’re placing it on your Jeep’s window, bumper, or even on laptops, walls, and tumblers. Its versatile size ensures that you can make a statement wherever you choose.

Effortless Installation:
You don’t need to be a decal expert to get this sticker perfectly placed. With the provided instructions, the application is straightforward, ensuring your decal looks seamless and professional.

Built for the Outdoors (and Indoors):
Crafted from high-quality vinyl, this sticker is not just a pretty face. Whether you’re tackling muddy trails or parked indoors, the decal remains unfazed. Its waterproof quality ensures longevity, come rain or shine.

A Message of Unity:
At its core, this decal is a nod to the global Jeep community. The peace sign intertwined with the words “4X4 Wrangler Wave” signifies unity, peace, and a shared passion for off-road adventures. Gift it to a fellow enthusiast or proudly display it on your own Jeep as a badge of honor.

Give your Jeep or personal items an upgrade that resonates with positivity, unity, and adventure. Dive deeper into the product and explore reviews from like-minded Jeep lovers by clicking the ?Learn More? button above.

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Brand: Off-Road Legends Collection


Off-Road Legends Collection