Jeep TooCust Peeking Monster Eyes Car Decal


Large 7.5-inch design for standout appearance
Waterproof and self-adhesive for durability and easy application
Suitable for all vehicle types for universal appeal



Looking to give your vehicle a unique and slightly menacing edge? The TooCust Peeking Monster Eyes Car Decal/Sticker might just be the intriguing touch you’re searching for. This high-quality decal stands out, ensuring your car, truck, or Jeep grabs attention.

Size & Dimensions:
Measuring 7.5 by 3.0 inches (or 19 by 7.5 cm), this decal is large enough to be distinctly visible but not so much that it overwhelms the overall look of your vehicle. It strikes the right balance between subtlety and attention-grabbing flair.

Waterproof & Durable:
Worried about rain, mud, or general wear and tear? This sticker has got you covered. Being waterproof, it ensures that neither rain nor splash will fade its look. Plus, its self-adhesive design guarantees it stays put, offering a long-lasting decorative touch to your vehicle.

Ease of Application:
No need to be a professional to get this sticker on! It’s incredibly user-friendly. Just ensure the surface is clean (a simple detergent wash will do), peel off the back, and stick it where you desire. Remember to keep it dry for the first 24 hours to ensure optimal adhesion.

Whether you own a sporty car, a rugged Jeep, or a spacious truck, this decal fits all. Its universal design ensures it complements any vehicle, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Add a fun, unique touch to your vehicle with the TooCust Peeking Monster Eyes Car Decal. With its standout design and ease of application, it’s a must-have for car enthusiasts looking to personalize their rides. Keen to know more or read what others have to say? Click on the “Learn More” button above.

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